ASCA-200 was developed to overcome many of the problems encountered in cleaning and developing water bores resulting in significant time saving and more efficient bores.

ASCA-200 is a liquid concentrated admixture.  It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable.  ASCA 200 contains no phosphates or sterilisers.


ASCA-200 speeds up the development of new bores.  In rotary bores, more mud cake can be removed than ever thought possible before.  Water production increases with less development time.

ASCA-200 aids in the removal of soft iron oxide, bacteria, calcium and magnesium salts from the water bearing formation, bore screens, casing and pump.  Again, water production efficiency increases.

ASCA-200 improves bore development by bringing muddy water through the screen and keeping “the fines” in that water in suspension for pump out.  It does not allow clogging or build-up of fines in the formation.

ASCA-200 can be used with any chemical desired.

  • ASCA 200 should be diluted with 4 parts of water, then poured down the casing.
  • Agitate the bore water by surging or swabbing from 2 to 4 hours.  If the pump is not pulled, surge with the pump by raising and lowering the water, being careful not to run water out.  For the first two hours agitation may be carried out at 30 minute intervals.
  • When rehabilitating a bore, best results are obtained by leaving ASCA 200 in the bore from 2 to 7 days before pumping out.  With new bores, leave ASCA 200 overnight or 12 hours.
  • The foaming action of ASCA 200 is often noted for 5 or 6 days, showing the extent of penetration and the bore should be pumped until the water is clean.  However, this water may be used directly for irrigation purposes, if needed.

It is recommended that 20 litres of ASCA 200 be used for every 30 metres of total water depth, regardless of bore diameter or static water level.


ASCA-200 is available in 20 litre or 200 litre drums.