BMR – Bentonite Mud Remover

BMR is a blend of dry granular colloidal dispersants.

BMR is formulated to solve the development problems created in bores drilled with a bentonite based fluid system by reacting with the residual bentonite in the bore cake and the aquifer to separate the clay particles and hold them in suspension so they can be pumped out of the bore.

BMR shortens development time and improves efficiency.

  • Pour dry BMR into the bore or mix the chemical with water and pour the solution down the casing or drop pipe.  BMR should be added slowly, using about 20 kg at a time.
  • After pouring the BMR, agitate the bore water by surging, bailing, use of compressed air or by pump jugging.  In a gravel packed bore, continuous circulation of the water will enhance results.
  • After 10 to 12 hours, the spent acid and residues should be pumped or bailed out until the bore water is clean.

Use 30g of BMR per litre of bore water in the bore hole.  To calculate the amount of BMR required, refer to the following table.


Bore DiameterLitres of Water
per Metre in Bore
BMR per Metre
of Water in Bore
2”    50.8 mm2.0 .06 kg
4”     101.6 mm8.1.24 kg
6”    152.4 mm18.3.55 kg
8”    203.2 mm32.51.00 kg
10”    254.0 mm50.71.50 kg
12”    304.8 mm73.02.20 kg
14”    355.6 mm99.43.00 kg
16”    406.4 mm129.83.80 kg
18”    457.2 mm164.44.90 kg
20”    508.0 mm202.86.00 kg

BMR is available in 20 kg pails.