ChemDrex Handling & Transport

The packaging is designed to meet the requirements of The Dept of Transport for road and rail. All the products are packaged in 20 litre drums or 20kg pails. This size is convenient for handling when treating normal size water bores. For large bores we can deliver our liquid chemical formulations in 200 litre drums to save on costs.  Volume orders of some products can also be supplied in 205 litre Drums or 1000 litre cube containers.

In keeping with the regulations for transport, the preferred means of transport is by road or rail. A few of our products have to transport as Dangerous Goods under Class 8 and a UN number. Sea cargo is the main method of shipment for export orders. We urge you to contact us for the best method of transport and handling prior to delivery to controlled sites, and to acquire a copy of the current MSD Sheets

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