ALBA – Liquid Antibacterial Acid

ALBA is a new concept in water bore clean-out and maintenance.  It corrects problems in water bores which have never been accomplished in the past with muriatic acid, chlorine or sequestering agents combined or in series.

ALBA controls iron bacteria after each treatment.  Chlorine gives only surface sterilisation on iron bacteria but is unable to dissolve iron bacteria encrustations.

ALBA dissolves slime and organic deposits of iron bacteria and holds them in solution until they are pumped out.

ALBA is recommended for complete bore clean-out of iron bacteria.

ALBA unites with the oxide forms of iron and manganese to form soluble salts which are held in solution until pumped out to waste.  Neither chlorine nor muriatic acid have any ability to perform this function, which is referred to as chelating.

  • Kills iron bacteria.
  • Dissolves iron bacteria encrustations, organic deposits of iron bacteria, slime and hard water scale formed on the screens.  Sulphides and metallic oxides are held in suspension until pumped out.
  • Eliminates water stains caused by iron manganese oxides.
  • Generally increases water bore production.
  • Improves taste of water when made disagreeable by bacteria.
  • ALBA is a liquid, non-volatile, organic acid used much in the same way as mineral acids for water bore clean-out.  There are no toxic fumes.
  • ALBA is inhibited and when diluted per our dosage table, it is not corrosive.  For example, on 1020 steel a 5% concentration at 22oc causes .0364 inches of corrosion in a year’s time.  Since ALBA is in the bore for only 36 hours, there is no corrosive problem.
  • ALBA presents no fire or explosive hazard.
  • Adequate flushing of the treated bore will ensure that the residual acids or its salts will be reduced to a level that a single lethal dose would be humanly impossible to consume.
  • Bores cleaned with ALBA show that the rate of production fall-offs is decreased, thus requiring less frequent cleaning.
  • ALBA reduces the distribution system clean-out cost when iron bacteria encrustation or slime has been a problem.
  • ALBA can be added directly to the bore.
  • ALBA can be used with our dry acid (ADPA) in areas which are predominantly limestone.
  • ALBA has excellent mud dispersing qualities.
  • ALBA reduces Operator hazard.

First, the bore must be disconnected from the distribution system.  ALBA can be pumped or poured directly into the bore.  The pump and piping may be left in place.  Periodic surging with the pump during the treatment period of 36 hours is desirable.  If the pump and piping have been removed, bailing or swabbing intermittently during the treatment period of 36 hours would be necessary.

After 36 hours the ALBA can be pumped out to waste.  It is of greatest importance to pump and surge alternatively until the water is clean.  This intermittent surging and pumping aids in the removal of undissolved scale.  Pumping to waste should be continued until the maximum difference in pH of the water before and after treatment is .5pH units, and the hardness has returned to its original condition, prior to treatment.  This assures complete removal of the residual acids and the dissolved products.


The quantity of ALBA to be used can be determined from the dosage table.  These amounts give a 5% or 10% solution when mixed with the static water in the bore, depending on the severity of the problem.  Where iron bacteria reappears and complete suppression is mandatory, subsequent 1% treatments two or three times a year will do the job.  The dosage for the 1% treatments would be one-fifth or one-tenth of the original treatment.


Bore DiameterLitres of Water
per metre in Bore
ALBA per Metre
of Water in Bore
2”    50.8 mm2.0.11 lt.22 lt
4”     101.6 mm8.1.43 lt.90 lt
6”    152.4 mm18.3.96 lt2.03 lt
8”    203.2 mm32.51.71 lt3.61 lt
10”    254.0 mm50.72.67 lt5.63 lt
12”    304.8 mm73.03.84 lt8.11 lt
14”    355.6 mm99.45.23 lt11.04 lt
16”    406.4 mm129.86.83 lt14.42 lt
18”    457.2 mm164.38.65 lt18.28 lt
20”    508.0 mm202.810.67 lt22.53 lt

NB : Table does not take into consideration voids in a gravel packed bore. If voids are known to exist, add up to 30% to the quantity shown on the Dosage Table.


ALBA is available in 20 litre or 200 litre drums.

ABB Liquid Water Bore Biocide, for the removal of Bio-Film from Stainless Steel surfaces. Available in 5 litre bottles.