Pure water, for a healthier life

Nitrate contamination, salt accumulation and decreased stream flows are some of the major problems faced by groundwater users across the globe. We’re committed to providing groundwater users with a steady flow of fresh water. Our research and development team conducts a thorough investigation of the situation at hand, only after which we engage our engineers in dealing with groundwater problems. We also manufacture and supply groundwater rehabilitation chemicals in Australia.

Consistent excellence in performing the job assigned to us has made us a reliable name in the industry. Our scientifically advanced chemicals have successfully addressed the problems associated with plugging in water bores, which includes removal and control of:

  • Mineral scale
  • Clay, silt and other soft mineral deposits
  • Iron bacteria and other bio-films
  • Bentonite type drilling fluid during well development.

Furthermore, we have advised groundwater users with bore designs, assessed rehabilitation programs, and supervised fields for drilling projects. Since we do not believe in resting on our past laurels, our services have expanded over the years to include petrochemicals, environmental engineering, as well as industrial and oilfield sectors. We have also made a mark in the water well industry by supplying competitive quality water well screens manufactured in Australia.

“Water is the driving force of all nature”, and at Chemdrex we value the necessity of fresh water for a better life, and thus put our best efforts in achieving that goal. Contact Chemdrex for more information & expert advice on Groundwater Treatment Services.